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June 2012 AzOSA Newsletter

June: Facebook Plunge - AZ Mountain / Cave Hike -
Voyage to Hawaii

This June commemorates our earthly Fathers' Day, and AzOSA celebrates our Heavenly Father. It's a two-fer!  Spread the word by visiting and participating at the AzOSA Facebook page. It's fun and free!

In this newsletter:

● Explore Hawaii -- Three Opportunities (Very Low Fares)

AZOSA on FaceBook – Friend Us and Let Everyone Know!

● Manage Your Time and Advance the Mission – Scroll Down

● In-Church Creation Science Training – New – Mike Riddle, June 10

● Arizona’s Red Mountain and Lava River – Last Chance to Come Hike, June 9

● We Need Speaker Phones, Please!

Maricopa County Events

► June 18 - 7:00 PM - Tempe: Hawaiian Islands, Land of Creation and Catastrophe. You can literally watch dynamic geology – mountain building and rock formation -- in Hawaii! In a continuous eruptive cycle since 1985, the Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's "Big Island" is the most active volcano on Earth. Some call it "America's Drive-In Volcano" because the public can easily and safely view its relatively quiet eruptions.  Hawaii also witnesses catastrophic events such as fast moving lava flows, earthquakes and tsunamis, making the Hawaiian Islands a land of creation and catastrophe. Can Hawaii's geology teach anything about the Biblical model of six literal days of Creation and the Global Flood? Come hear AzOSA Geologist Jim Carke (B.S., M.S.) address this question using facts such as:

● The Hawaiian Islands are considered to be the highest mountains on Earth from their base and are still growing.

● If the Hawaiian Islands began forming during or slightly after the Flood, all that is required is an average of 10 feet of lava per year being erupted to achieve the current height of the highest volcano, Mauna Kea (nearly 14,000 feet above sea level and 20,000 feet below sea level).

● The Hawaiian Islands have sun baked deserts in some areas and the wettest locations on Earth in other areas (Island of Kauai). Therefore, the Hawaiian Islands are rapidly eroded back down to sea level.

● A canyon similar to the Grand Canyon is located on the Island of Kauai.

● Evidence indicates that one of the largest tsunamis on Earth occurred when a large chuck of the coast of the Island of Hawaii broke off and slid onto the ocean. The resulting tsunami was over 1,000 feet high and washed completely over the Island of Kahulawi just west of Maui.

June 19 - 7:00 PM - Phoenix: Hawaiian Islands, Land of Creation and Catastrophe. Visit this tropical geology lab for less than a gallon of gas.  See the full description of Geologist Jim Clarke's fascinating exploration above.

Click for more details at the Maricopa County Events Page.

Pima County Events

June 21 - 7:00 PM - Tucson: Hawaiian Islands, Land of Creation and Catastrophe. It's a short trip to enjoy the wonders of this balmy paradise. See the full description of Geologist Jim Clarke's fascinating exploration above. Click for more details at the Pima County Events Page.

Last Chance to Sign Up – Explore Northern Arizona’s Fabled Red Mountain and Lava River Cave

Join AzOSA on Saturday, June 9, for an exciting day exploring two fabulous spots in Northern Arizona! Join us for a fun-filled day with two short treks to incredible sights - Red Mountain and Lava River Cave. AzOSA Resident Geologist, Jim Clarke will be lead the hikes, discuss the features, and explain how the area geology is evidence for a young earth and creation. Meet at 9:30 the parking lot area at Red Mountain. Stunning views, cool weather, moderate hike. Click here to get more information about this seriously fun day! Contact Jim Clarke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, cell phone, and number in your group/party. Last chance – you know you'll love it – sign up now!

Creation Science at Valley Church Services - One Day Only!

Attend church services and get a brilliantly woven tapestry of Science, Apologetic methods, and God's Word.  Come to Mike Riddle's presentations in Peoria on Sunday, June 10. (Your church won't miss you this one time.)

The schedule and topics say it all:

● 8:00 AM Genesis and Biblical Discernment
● 9:15 AM Dinosaurs and the Bible (Sunday School)
●10:30 Genesis and Biblical Discernment
● 5:00 PM Apologetics 101: Answering the Challenges

Click here for all information and exact location.

Mike Riddle holds the BS in Mathematics and the M Ed. He is Founder of The Creation Training Initiative, and remains an Adjunct Speaker for Answers in Genesis.  A dynamic compelling speaker, Mike Riddle understands the message and knows how to help you with tools to share it 

Friend AzOSA on Facebook – Join the Conversation

People are talking on Facebook. So are we. Check us out. AZOSA on FaceBook. Post your thoughts and Friend us. Social media has become a dynamic, powerful way for like-minded people to gather and get the message out to others, too. Post your thoughts and Friend us at AZOSA on FaceBook.

Manage Your Time Wisely – Invest a Few Hours to Change Hearts and Minds

It just takes a few hours a month to move mountains of reason and faith. Quite seriously. Reports show origin science is changing hearts and minds daily. It’s time for the atheist, Darwin-driven worldview to move over because the intellectual landscape is changing. Are you one of the saints who can joyously report you are part of the victory? Can your skills add energy to our mission? This may well be your time to join the team in one of these four areas:

East side Assistant Book Master - a few hours per month helps advance this vital, ongoing, long-term educational initiative. Contact Dr. Joseph Kezele at Dr. Kezele’s contact portal.

Marketing Consultant - help leadership team develop ideas and strategies for expanding AzOSA membership and influence in target areas. Contact Dr. Joseph Kezele at Dr. Kezele’s contact portal.

Church Survey Assistant - using simple direct mail techniques, help this ongoing original research project obtain and organize data to understand origin science’s challenges in some churches and how to overcome them. Contact Dr. Joseph Kezele at Dr. Kezele’s contact portal.

Media Coordinator - Step into the role with the information and many materials already in place for you to use. Feed AzOSA’s information to print and broadcast media. All you need is computer skills and the desire to transmit the potentially life-changing information about AzOSA to the media outlets. Tired of hearing the media bash our faith and our science? This is the opportunity for you! Contact Dr. Joseph Kezele at Dr. Kezele’s contact portal.

Bookstore Assistant - Straightforward but vital to our mission. Help maintain the stock for the AzOSA stores, using the systems already in place. AzOSA can thrive only by delivering the materials people need to make the scientific case for Creation. You can directly contribute to everyone’s success. Contact Dr. Kezele at Dr. Kezele’s contact portal or Vern Hartz ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). This e-mail address is being protected from Internet risks, so need JavaScript enabled to view it; or phone 520-721-8278 for more information.

Quick! Tell Your Friends in Orange County!

► AzOSA Sponsored Event on June 2 in Garden Grove and Costa Mesa. Solid presentations by Dr. Kezele made available in Southern California. Click here for details.

► Beat Arizona’s heat this August 3-4 at the Creation Research Society conference in Costa Mesa, near the beach in Southern California. Scholarship and fellowship where the intellectual action is. Click here for more information and to sign up.

CMI 2012 Super Conference Announced Pass the Word

Let friends and family know about the Creation Ministries International (CMI) Super Conference in Asheville, NC on August 1 through August 5. Offering learning, leisure, fellowship, fun and worship, this mega event caters to singles, couples and whole families. An amazing lineup of speakers and resources makes the Super Conference the once-in-a-lifetime you’ll be talking about for years! Click here for all the info.

We Need Your Speaker Phones - Really, We Do!

AzOSA needs three (3) speaker phones. They can be new or used, but we need them to conduct efficient Board meetings. Have a spare one in the garage?  Please donate it to us. Contact Dr. Joseph Kezele at Dr. Kezele’s contact portal. It's an easy tax deduction, too. 

Top Notch, Home Grown, and Nationally Known

DVD: A Creationist Perspective on the Human Genome. Dr. Kevin Anderson reveals the Human Genome for the lay person. How much information does our DNA contain? Could it have arisen by evolutionary processes of natural selection and genetic drift? Learn the amazing and fascinating properties of our DNA and decide for yourself if it glorifies the Intelligent Designer or a naturalistic origin. Order it today.

But wait, there’s more.

Take a minute to look at these resources you can use for homeschooling, bolstering your own understanding, sharing with others, and using in small group studies. (One click here to some great resources ---- and click here for more!)

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