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July 2011 Newsletter

Last Chance for Sedona Red Rock Tour – July 1 Deadline is Now

What part of this AzOSA trip do you want to miss?  Your humble newsletter editor can attest that Pink Jeep tours are safe, amazing, and unforgettable.  So you can enjoy a triple value if you get the AzOSA discount, and add both Guy Forsythe and Jim Clarke to the bargain!  Guy (Crying Rocks Ministry, Sedona) and Jim (AzOSA Geologist) together bring knowledge and insights enough to polish your red rock and Biblical geology expertise for a lifetime. Packed with fun, food, and fellowship, and the private charter Pink Jeeps convoy, this is a trip not to miss. Great prices, too! But you must reserve no later than July 1 – that is a firm deadline. Click on AzOSA Events Calendar today.

California Presentations on July 2: Tell Your Friends in Orange County

Garden Grove, CA: Who Were the Apemen? – On Saturday, July 2, 2011, Dr. Kezele shakes the evolutionary tree to see whether humans descended from simians (apes, monkeys, bonobos). Examining the physical evidence of anatomy and fossils, and comparing Bible revelation about creation, Dr. Kezele debunks the “family tree” story of human origins.  Tell Californians in Orange County and surrounding areas about this myth shattering event.  

Santa Ana, CA: Dinos to Birds? Horse Feathers! – Later the same date, July 2, Dr. Kezele provides a critique of evolution theory that is perhaps the easiest to understand and use.  Everybody has heard the myth that birds evolved from dinosaurs (or reptiles). With the information from Dr. Kezele’s talk, you can blast that myth to Darwin’s kingdom come.  You’ll get the indisputable facts about: Avian lungs vs. reptilian lungs; bird hips vs. lizard hips; different types of three-clawed feet; the origin of feathers; the origin of flight; and Archaeopteryx and Protoavis. Two incredibly appropriate Scripture verses connect the Bible directly to this subject. You’ll get an understanding you can use again and again.

Click over to AzOSA Events Calendar and scroll down to get more information about the Orange County events.

The Future of Mankind:
What Our Next Generations Must Know and
Prepare to Face

This month’s unique presentation may not be politically correct, popular, or newsworthy. It may be disconcerting, possibly disturbing. You will not find this information in popular magazines, on the 6 o'clock news, in newspapers or even in school textbooks. It doesn’t garner mainstream media attention because it challenges the comfortably enthroned evolutionist worldview, which proclaims itself to be “proven fact.”  But even on its own terms, where does evolution take mankind?  Sal Giardina (B.S., Mechanical Engineering; M.S., Geology) lays out the predictions of evolution, and contrasts them with the history and future of mankind from the Christian worldview. Three locations at 7 p.m.:  Phoenix (Monday, July 18); Tempe (Tuesday, July 19); Tucson (Thursday, July 21). Click on AzOSA Events Calendar for details.  As good as your church, Sunday school, small group, Bible study, or college education may be, we will bet: you have never received these insights from this viewpoint – and the difference could be life changing.

Urgent Requests – A Few Hours Makes a Huge Difference  

► Volunteers still needed to help host the AzOSA exhibit at the 28th Annual Home Education Convention – July 22-23, 2011 – Small investment, big returns. Your time is the most important element of the exhibit’s success.  All you need is a general knowledge of AzOSA’s mission and materials.  Flexible time commitment – but every minute you are there matters!  Location is the Phoenix Convention Center. Be a part of this annual event that influences homeschoolers all over Arizona. Contact Lance Robinson at 602-740-6604 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right away! 
► Marketing Expertise? Share Your Skills With AzOSA. Our organization needs to become better known and more influential with the churches and communities in Arizona. Your sales and marketing know-how can help move us to the next level. Please contact Dr. Kezele for more details via the AzOSA email portal for him.  The time for strategizing is now, for a fall campaign.
► Help Plan a Creation Camp – New, Fun, and Effective Outreach! Ground floor opportunity to help create a fall or spring “Creation Camp” – one of the best ways to communicate origin science ideas to young people! Please contact Sandy Lane at 480-807-0661 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Brainstorm and bring this proposal to reality!

ACU Instructor Wanted – Can You Teach Computer Information Systems?

Arizona Christian University is looking for an instructor to teach Computer Information Systems as an Adjunct Faculty Member. It is a part-time position, but a great opportunity to get academic experience, build your resumé, and help grow the reputation of an expanding Christian college. If you are interested and believe you may have the appropriate background, please contact Dr. Warren Pettitt, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- (602) 489-5300 ext 119. 

Teachers, Instructors, Group Leaders:
This One-Day Course Can Double Your Effectiveness

Mark your calendar for August 13 in Phoenix and sign up today.  Mike Riddle, nationally-acclaimed veteran origin science and Bible educator, presents a certified one-day course for anyone in a teaching or leadership role. This compact course prepares Christians to teach and uplift accurately and with confidence a biblical worldview of origins using the Bible, scientific evidence, and critical thinking skills. Knowledge and easy-to-use methods can turn every evolution-creation discussion into a memorable learning experience. 

Visit the AzOSA Class Schedule here and get the details.  Don’t let another PBS materialist/evolutionist special mislead the young people in your care. Now is the time to defend and advance the truth! 

AzOSA Helps Spread Information to New Mexico Organization –
Send Links to Our Neighbors to the East

New Mexico Creation Science Outreach. Available globally but especially focused on New Mexico residents are the materials at AzOSA has contributed material to their site.  Click on “Articles" and then click on the June 11 entry indicating "Arizona Origins Science" – there will be the blue links to bullet blurbs of intellectual ammunition everyone can use.  Let your mouse empower you – send these links to people you know, especially those in New Mexico. 

Calling Yavapai County – Three Solid Presentations
Conveniently Located in Prescott – Tell Everyone!

Use the power of e-mail to tell everyone you know in Yavapai County that AzOSA is coming to town on August 20, 2011.  Three of our best presentations will be given at Prescott Life Church from 9 a.m. to noon: 

► Does God Exist, Dr. Joseph Kezele
► The Rock Cry Out, Jim Clarke
► Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds, Dr. Joseph Kezele

Mark your calendar, come on out, help build enthusiasm for the scientific basis that assures us our faith is not a fairy tale but is based upon facts!

AzOSA on Facebook – Join the Conversation 

AzOSA is now on Facebook!  Share our message with your friends and family and get connected today. Check out the new video explaining why understanding Genesis is so vitally important. Click here to visit AzOSA's page now.

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