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Reminder of Schedule Update - Gift Ideas Too

Remember the Dates Are Early - No Thanksgiving Conflicts 

Update your calendar and enjoy one or more of these opportunities.  Scroll down for Christmas shopping ideas, too!  

Sale Prices for Attending! 

Special prices on AzOSA, CMI or AIG produced DVDs in stock. Come to a November meeting, buy three or more and get them for $10 each -- a 30% savings!  Available only at the meeting places - come on down!  Smile 

All New Material: Programming of Life = Cutting-Edge Design Evidence 

AzOSA exclusive: Dr. Don Johnson shares new evidence of intelligent design that should convince any open mind. Rapid advancements in biological and information sciences in the 21st Century have stepped the design argument up to new levels. The 19th Century mechanical Darwinist view of life just can’t survive these revelations, and neither can neo-Darwinism. Get empowered – you’ll never again be uncertain of the evidence for intelligent design in biological life. 

November 14 - Phoenix

November 15 - Tempe

November 17 - Tucson

Additional Opportunity: Come to see the brand new, fast-paced and professionally polished video and the new books by Dr. Johnson available at the presentation. First time ever -- must haves for your library. (See samples here.) Great gifts for the thinking people in your life!

Maricopa County region details click here.

Tucson region details click here. 

New! November 30 - Cave Creek: Dinos to Birds? Horse Feathers!

This critique of evolution theory is among the easiest to understand and use. Everybody has heard the myth that birds evolved from dinosaurs (or reptiles). With the information from Dr. Kezele's talk, you can blast that myth to Darwin's kingdom come. You'll get the indisputable facts about: Avian lungs vs. reptilian lungs; bird hips vs. lizard hips; different types of three-clawed feet; the origin of feathers; the origin of flight; and Archaeopteryx and Protoavis. Two incredibly appropriate Scripture verses connect the Bible directly to this subject. You'll get an understanding you can use again and again. Click here to Azosa Events list for details.  

Get your Christmas Shopping Done Early

Visit the expanding AzOSA web store for fascinating DVDs and books that show the true glory of God through science. Subjects include geology of the Grand Canyon, studies in the Human Genome, the complexity of a newborn's formation, general arguments for Intelligent Design and Creation and more! (IDEA to extend the reach of truth: Gifts to youth pastors, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders.) Special pricing at November meeting locations, too! 


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